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How To Create A Brand Around Your Music That Resonates With Your Audience

Naijatastic.com is always seeking for new ways to assist Nigerian musicians, particularly those on the rise, in advancing their careers. In addition to being a platform that efficiently connects you to the Nigeria music scene and experts in the Nigeria music business, our site has many recommendations to help you advance your career and the music industry as a whole.

Today, we’re bringing you an article about music branding and how it may benefit your career. When promoting their music, every musician strives for increased exposure and credibility. Increasing and broadening their source of revenue is also one of the primary objectives of a musician’s career.  Companies, labels, and agencies that represent independent musicians have progressively examined music branding as one of the most essential avenues to pursue.

Have you ever envisioned hearing your music in markets, nightclubs, and restaurants? Associating a brand with a song and/or an artist has become a more prevalent occurrence in the industry. If you do not know much about the subject, you should continue reading.

Now that you recognize the importance of branding, you want to begin developing your own brand to share with the world. In today’s society, traditional branding techniques are ineffective. There are new avenues for musicians to stand out and attract followers in the modern era. Defining your brand as a musician is a crucial step in determining your appearance, career path, and sound. However, what does that actually mean?

Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Olamide, Wizkid, Dbanj, Burna Boy, Asa, and Davido were all renowned musicians who contributed to the advancement of the Nigerian music scene. While both of these artists possess tremendous skill, it is their brands that have allowed them to amass millions of passionate fans and make millions of Naira through music sales, touring, endorsements, and other sources.

You may believe that you don’t need to worry about branding as a young artist, but you really should. To have a long, successful career, you must develop your own distinctive brand. Fans not only purchase your music, but also your personality. Branding enables you to differentiate yourself from the innumerable competing musicians vying for attention. Building a dedicated fanbase and generating steady money from your music requires a strong branding.

Developing a career in the modern music industry involves a great deal more than simply creating excellent songs. Work diligently if you desire a music career and a life immersed in the musical world. You will also need to determine how to exhibit your business uniquely in this competitive industry. You will certainly ask yourself, “Do I wish to pursue a career in the music industry?” If so, you might want to look into music branding.

Branding is indispensable for advancing a creative profession. The harsh reality is that people will form opinions and make decisions before hearing your music. It is therefore essential to have a clear vision of where you want your music career to go and how you want to show your brand to the world. It is also crucial to determine what makes you, your talent, and your story distinctive. From there, develop your brand.

Although branding may appear to be a new concept in this social-media-driven business, it has always played a vital role in bringing art to life in our contemporary society. Understanding that music is only half of the picture can be daunting and tough to digest for some artists. However, branding your music is essential because it will:

Describe the sound of your music before people listen to it; this will attract your ideal audience more quickly.

Make your personality known. The better people know you, the more likely they are to trust you and consider themselves a part of your journey. This strengthens your relationship with your fans, ensuring their continued support.

Be clear about your values. This will strengthen your brand’s knowing, respect, and trust factors. It might also help attract your target audience.

Permit yourself to stand out in the marketplace. A powerful visual component or message is intriguing to potential new fans and the music industry, and can help you separate yourself significantly.

Your brand is the visual representation and aura that your audience will associate with your music. This link establishes a brand when considering you and your music! Consider the greatest musicians in history; their listeners will permanently associate them with their brands, in addition to their music.

Using commercial brands as a study case, these brands consider their branding from the outside in, meaning that they analyze their audience’s needs and construct a brand to appeal to them. Music branding functions in reverse. First brand from the inside out, then brand from the outside in.

Consider in depth who you are and what your music symbolizes, and based on that, create designs that represent the most important aspect of your brand: YOU. When you brand in this manner, you will have identified a consistent purpose and vision for your brand. Never advertise your music as a representation of what people wish to achieve as a musician.

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How is a Music Brand Established?

Depending on your budget, you can employ pros to develop your music’s brand, secure sponsorships, cooperate with other bands, and more. However, up-and-coming musicians must create their own brands independently of others. This implies embarking on a solo mission to spread your music to the public. In fact, this is not the craziest concept, as many famous musicians have risen to prominence on their own before deciding to join hands with an external corporation.

There are a variety of procedures that musicians may choose to employ while creating their brands. Some musicians seek to cooperate with brands that promote new artists in order to increase their exposure. But first things first, the most fundamental stage in establishing a musician’s brand is to release a song.

Every music platform requires at least one single to establish an account. This is the first hook that you are releasing into the world, so it must be the best! Concentrate on that one single and generate press coverage. Utilize your social media accounts to generate interest in your own work. Make your single accessible to your audience on all common platforms or provide a link to the song. Collaborate on relevant playlists to make your single accessible to a bigger audience.

Actionable Steps to Create a Brand Around Your Music That Resonates With Your Audience

Do you struggle with music branding as a musician? Do you believe it is more difficult than it should be? Would you do it if there was a method to beat the odds and brand your music? That is the purpose of this guide. Today, renowned and emerging musicians are adopting some innovative approaches to capture the attention of true fans. Without further ado, here are some practical ways to brand your music:

1. Identify your unique selling point

Every musician has at least one distinguishing feature that sets him or her apart from other musicians. Your unique selling point should be something that your audience can only get from you. It could be your own sound, your personal style, or the way you communicate with your followers. Consider what you want to be recognized for and what distinguishes you.

2. Write a compelling bio

Branding entails telling your own story again and again. When your audience can relate to your personal experience, they have a stronger bond with you. Create a bio that highlights your musical background as well as life experiences that have inspired your career. Your bio should give your followers an idea of where you’ve been and where you’re headed.

3. Develop your image

Your image influences how your fans see you. The way that you dress, how you show yourself in interviews, how you engage with your fans and the wider public, and how you sell yourself all contribute to your brand image. Your brand image also aids in the sale of your songs. Create your own look to set yourself apart.

A publicist can also assist you in developing your image by building your brand story, selecting the best sources to communicate your story, and instructing you on how to interact with the media. Take artist images and create a logo to express your brand image in addition to counseling on establishing your own style.

4. Make it clear how you want your audience to feel

What is the central message you want to express through your music or art? Knowing this will influence everything from your live stage act to the colors and symbols you use in each release’s visuals. Do you want people to feel inspired and empowered? Feeling more understood and less alone? Are you happy and joyful? As if they want to start partying right away? Once you’ve decided on a story to tell, it will be easy to identify blogs and media who are interested in your idea.

5. Be consistent

Being constant allows your fans to quickly recognize you. Every time your fans see you or interact with your brand, they should have the same experience. Creating a framework for your stage presentation is the simplest approach to provide a seamless experience to your fans. Furthermore, convey a consistent image with each release of music or content, and ensure that all of your marketing materials have the same appearance and feel.

6. Understand that you have a personal brand

Your personal brand is how others see you as a person. It can have an impact on how others perceive you as a musician, either positively or negatively. Everyone has their own brand, whether they like it or not. Consider your reputation and what you contribute to the scene outside of music while developing a solid personal brand.

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7. Be authentic

If branding could be summed up in a single statement, it would be “be yourself.” Your brand represents who you are and what you believe in. For example, when Olamide first entered the industry, he didn’t try to blend in with the other hardcore rappers. He stayed true to himself and is now undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s top rap superstars. Determine your artistic vision and specialty, and then stay with it.

8. Promote

So, let’s assume you’ve got your brand ready to launch! It undoubtedly portrays yourself and your music, and you have chosen a graphic design for all of your branding elements. Identify the primary marketing avenues via which other musicians advertise their music in order to self-promote yours. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are commonly used by successful bands. Naijatastic.com is another site where you may engage with your fans more intimately because we have one of the largest audiences who are interested in your music.

9. Use Social Media

Reaching out to your fans on the social media sites they like and gathering comments is one of the most effective methods to promote your music. Take the time to interact with your audience and respond to their queries. Remember to preserve your own distinct voice, which is also part of your brand! Everything you share on social media should be consistent and interesting. Overall, people will be interested in learning more about the person behind the music. Don’t be hesitant to introduce yourself to your audience and tell them about your musical process.

10. Embrace your community

Even if you are promoting digitally, you must still think locally. Connect with your local press and influencers, spread the news in your community, and create branding pieces to help people understand the content. Make connections with music platforms that can assist you spread the news to their audience in order to drive the lead you genuinely desire; Naijatastic.com as previously mentioned is one such site.

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In Review

It would be nice to spend all day recording songs and instantly making millions of Naira. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people, this is unattainable. It’s no secret that being a full-time musician is a difficult decision. And to stay motivated in the face of overwhelming odds, you’ll need a powerful force to propel you ahead. All music artists who want to build a successful career must have a strong and consistent brand. Spend some time considering how to brand yourself, what you care about, what you wish to achieve, and how to incorporate all of this into your musical endeavor.

Adequate self-reflection is required to better grasp what you want to achieve. Successful musicians are distinguished not just by their music, but also by their own distinct image and identity. It assists your audience in associating your music with a mental image. It is constructed differently than other brand images since your brand is formed from the inside out. There are several approaches you can use while developing your brand. Consider both your budget and your personal style. Many well-known artists began their careers on their own.

It takes time to develop and market an interesting, exciting, and engaging brand and image for your musical identity. It’s a lengthy procedure that might take years to complete. Everything is up to you. While creating your brand might be a difficult part of any musical brand development, establishing your brand is where all the pieces come together to produce actual, marketable, and clearly identifiable concepts, assets, graphics, performances, and products.

What is your main complaint when it comes to branding music? What is the most difficult for you? Do you want professionals to assist you with your music branding? Contact us through our contact page and we’ll discuss with you about how to best promote your musical profession to the outside world. A strong music brand will ensure that you stand out, are remembered, and create an indelible impact on every fan.

Adesola Adewumi
Adesola Adewumi
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