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Best Ways To Promote Your Music In Nigeria

This is a comprehensive guide to promoting your music in Nigeria; read to the end for more information. Every musician’s goal is to make their songs popular so that everyone can listen to or sing along with them on a regular basis. Making music is not as difficult as promoting it and getting noticed, which is why so many musicians have failed to make it in the music industry.
Many musicians are fortunate enough to be signed to major record companies such as Marvin, Starboy, DMW, YBNL Nation, Chocolate City, and others, where their music is broadly promoted. Furthermore, many musicians do not have the opportunity to be signed to a record label, thus they must promote their music independently.
However, if you are an established or aspiring musician interested in learning how to effectively promote your music, read this post on how to promote your music in Nigeria for great insight. Every musician aspires to be a huge name in the music industry, and the only way to achieve this goal is to have their music promoted and well-known.
It is vital to notice that if your music is excellent but your publicity is poor, you may become dissatisfied since your music will not reach a larger audience. However, if your music is awful but the publicity is good, the music could reach a wider audience regardless of the content, therefore the quality of publicity is crucial.
Moreover, before entering the music industry, you must first determine the genre of music you wish to pursue, your target audience, as well as how you intend to promote your music. You’ll be able to take your music profession to new heights if you know all of these. Nigerians adore good music, and one of the best ways to win their hearts and maintain their affection is to consistently release decent and sensible music.
Here are the best ways you can promote your music in Nigeria:
1. Produce Good Music
This is the most crucial component of your song’s promotion. None of the following approaches for promoting your song will be necessary if you don’t develop good music content. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known musician or an up-and-coming artist.
In order to remain relevant in the music industry, you must follow what the majority are into. This isn’t to say that you should change your voice or imitate others; in fact, you’d be better off if you didn’t.
What matters is that you reach out to the people, which you can do by making incredible music that makes your listeners adore you and want more from you.
Keep in mind that you might not be able to write a song that becomes viral right away; the most important thing is to keep making great music, and then any extra effort you put into marketing your song will pay off.
2. Leverage Social Media To Promote Your Music
Nowadays, it’s common to promote your music on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is a medium for dialogue and word-of-mouth marketing, rather than a marketing tool in and of itself.
That’s not to say that discussion posts can’t be promotional; you just have to know how to package the content in an interesting way. Try to include a short story, a snapshot, or a teaser video about your studio and video shooting experience.
You can also take images at the places of your tour or upload brief photos or videos of the audience to assist grow your fan base.
3. Promote Songs On Blogs
Try advertising on popular music platforms. By publishing your songs to such sites, as they tend to generate a lot of traffic on a monthly basis, that is a perfect way to start getting yourself noticed. Naijatastic.com is an example of such platform.
In Nigeria, most music blogs include interviews, although others do not. Focus on music blog sites that accept interviews and provide opportunities to promote your music on their social media channels for aspiring artists.
Start by submitting your songs to well-known music blogs that also host interviews. Radio stations can also help you expand your fan base by promoting your music.
4. Follow Trends
Are you simply noticing trends but failing to leverage on them? Following relevant trends for your genre of music is a huge advantage for music promotion, and it can benefit both you as a brand and your music.
You may participate in trends even if you are a new artist; simply choose the right trend and people would listen.
Top Nigerian artists are also trend followers, which has increased their global recognition and increased their importance in the music industry. Remember to treat your songs like if they were a business.
5. Make Your Song Free To Download
While you should release your songs on platforms where people can buy them, you should as well distribute them to platforms where people can get them for free. Giving your music away for free is the best approach to get people to appreciate it right now.
Consider how companies will give you their products for free when they initially launch, not only so you can try them out, but also for you to remember that they exist.
So, now that you’ve tasted or sampled their stuff, you’ll be more likely to buy the next time you visit. The same is true for your music; rather than hurrying to sell it, give it away for free to gain exposure.
6. Collaborate With Other Musicians
Collaboration is a great way to get your song out there. When you collaborate with other musicians, their listeners will hear your song and, if they enjoy it, they will become your fans as well.
If you don’t have the budget to work with top musicians, work with other emerging artists who are eager to collaborate, and if his or her fans appreciate your song, they will become your fans, as previously stated. So team up with an artist who works in a similar genre or has a similar fan base.
7. Attend Shows Regularly
Attending a range of concerts, including clubs, weddings, campus shows, radio shows, and birthday celebrations, can help you boost your music coverage and brand awareness.
Make an attempt to perform on each occasion while attending performances on a regular basis, and to serve the proper track (music) for each event.
Even if you are not booked to perform, submit your music to DJs you meet at an event; the DJ is more likely to play your song at a later date if it is a strong track, even if you are not present.
Attending live performances on a regular basis is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your music because it allows you to meet new people and grow your fan base.
8. Market Yourself as a Business
This is an important component for any aspiring artist to consider. Rather than focusing all of your efforts on reaching out to all of your followers, focus on building beneficial relationships with other businesses. You may be wondering what I’m talking about.
What I mean is that you should spend quality time with business people who could have an impact on your music, such as event planners, radio personalities, TV networks, DJs, established musicians, and a few others.
If you can build a strong working relationship with a business musician, you’ll be exposed to a much larger audience, and among their listeners would be people that fit into your ideal fan base.
9. Make Use Of Email Marketing
Another effective technique to promote your music in Nigeria is through email marketing. When you promote your music by email, your followers will be notified when new tracks are released, especially if they have subscribed to your email list.
You can ask for email addresses when fans want a free download online, especially if you have a website, or you can ask for them on a sign-up sheet at live shows.
You can, however, utilize emails to promote your website by including a link to it in each email you send.
You should also try to get reviews for your songs and post them on your website; this will encourage people to listen to your music after reading positive reviews.
10. Be Consistent
If you’re not consistent in your music career, you’ll wind up releasing an album and not having a large enough audience to stream it.
Numerous musicians emerge on a daily basis; if you are not consistent, you may become lost in the crowd, and your followers may forget about you and your music.
Furthermore, you should strive to create high-quality songs so that your audience remains interested in your music whenever you release it.
Consistency and the quality of your songs will allow you to advertise them easily while also growing your fan following and earning potential.
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola is a purpose-driven man, critical thinker, problem solver, inner peace seeker, nature addict, writer, and a good listener. As a content writer, he has written several published and unpublished articles, as well as life-changing masterpieces on various social media platforms and websites. Adesola as an ardent knowledge seeker seeks to maximize various opportunities to grow, develop, and become productive in his world.

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