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Top 7 Hit Songs By Bella Shmurda

Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, commonly known as Bella Shmurda, began his professional musical career when he released a remix of his song “Vision 2020” with Olamide, one of Nigeria’s most well-known rappers.
Bella Shmurda, a Nigerian musician, is not your typical performer; he is the voice of the voiceless on the streets, a title he proudly wears. He recognizes and appreciates the power of music, particularly street pop, which is at the heart of his musical accomplishment.
What distinguishes him is that he is a man who has a great deal of patience in life. He is also realistic, which is why his music addresses the problems that individuals face in life. Shmurda’s music, on the other hand, is enticingly amazing, which is why his ‘High Tension’ EP rocked the music world in 2020.
He placed his own spin on typical street-hop, and the EP’s lead song, “Vision 2020,” featuring Olamide, addressed government inefficiencies and the difficulties experienced by young people trying to break free from a system designed to keep them imprisoned. This art is what a Grammy Award-winning artist possesses, but still, Shmurda acknowledged his own creative abilities and focused on developing his talent.
The 23-year-old singer, who has recorded a number of tracks and collaborated with notable musicians such as Davido, Olamide, LAX, DJ Consequence, MasterKraft, DJ Spinnal, and others, has remained constant throughout his career.
The singer’s quick signing to the ‘Canny Consults For Oneword Global Records Label’ has earned him a place among Nigeria’s fast-rising artists in the competitive music industry. Bella Shmurda’s steadiness in the music industry has earned him a sizable net worth in a relatively short period of time.
Meanwhile, NaijaTastic is here to share with you the seven hit songs that the Lagos-based artist has released and which are still gaining attention from his fans.
Here are our list of Bella Shmurda’s top 7 hit songs:
1. Cash App
In this lovely tune, the Afropop/Afrobeat artist features the iconic Zlatan and Lincoln. It was, however, as controversial as it was a record charter. The song is based on a pop culture-inspired financial services app. Despite the fact that the song is about “fraud,” Zlatan gave it a distinct flavor. In Nigeria, getting out of poverty is a big event, and Shmurda’s Cash App makes a big deal out of it.
Critics claim it’s the ideal dose to muddle your head because it has a strong undertone of encouraging internet fraud. By the time of publishing this article, this song had received over 17 million views on YouTube because of its concept.
2. Vision 2020
Bella Shmurda collaborated with Olamide for the self-proclaimed all-time smash hit Vision 2020. Shmurda released “Vision 2020” and the song relates the gritty account of his hustle while also gently criticizing the Nigerian government for its continued disregard of the country’s youths.
Olamide’s fiery verse on his days of hardship – “We fast overnight then eat Eba when we wake,” enhances the mood.
3. Rush
Bella Shmurda and his record label Dangbana Republik created a musical masterpiece for their fans. ‘Rush’ is a hit back song, in addition to the funny musical characteristics like a wonderful tempo with a blend of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba keeps the dance touch.
Shmurda sings about how he doesn’t care what people are saying behind him. In the song, he slams critics who claim he is living life in the fast lane. He freely declares that he is unconcerned about their opinions. He also discusses a viral video that claimed he was too intoxicated to perform on stage. It’s no surprise that over 4 million people have watched it on YouTube.
4. Far Away
“Far Away” is one of the most outstanding compositions featuring Dangbana Republik on his recently released “High Tension 2.0” extended play. Shmurda values finding love in a different country. He also supports Benin’s culture, which is close to his heart.
5. Out There
This is another one of Bella Shmurda’s top seven songs, featuring Dangbana Republik. It carries a powerful message about keeping the fighting spirit alive because life is a battleground in general. “Don’t stop soldier man, life is a battleground, and you have to win the war.”
6. Dangbana Orisa
In September 2020, the talented singer teamed up with music producer Rexxie to release the street hit titled “Dangbana Orisa.” The single continues to have a strong presence in the music industry, as several radio stations and music television stations continue to broadcast it.
7. Sho Mo Mi
The talented artist released “Sho Mo Mi,” a single from his new EP “High Tension,” which has seven songs. He also gave the song an incredible visual, which was directed by Naya Effectz.
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola Adewumi
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