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Ezykeyz: The Man With The ‘Keyz To The City’

Nigerian music is now a global beat from ‘Love Nwantiti’ to ‘Essence’ it has been nothing but conquest and our superstars are doing great wonders around the world. As much as we venerate our musical exports like Wizkid, Burna Boy, Ckay, Tems, Tiwa Savage, Yemi Alade, Mr Eazi, Davido and a host of others.

There is a need to shed light on the Homefront and there are a lot of emerging artists with dynamic sounds that are keeping the faith of Afrobeats back home. I had the rare privilege of interacting with one of these acts recently.

Ezykeyz is an Afropop musician. We discussed at length his life, family, the journey so far and his incoming project “Keyz To The City” an EP. Please do enjoy the interview below, thanks.

Q: So, may we meet you?

A: Yeah sure, my name is Kayode Ezekiel Oluwajuwonlo, professionally known as Ezykeyz. I am an artist, I hail from Ijebu-Ode, Ogun state but I was raised in Lagos.

Q: Wow, interesting, so you’re a Lagos boy, right?

A: Yeah.

Q: That’s nice. So, what inspired you to do music?

A: Well, all my life I have been surrounded by music because I am from a family that cherishes and loves good music especially my Dad. He is a tenor singer, my big bro plays the saxophone, my younger one raps and I play the piano. So, me doing music has always been my passion and also could easily be traced from my family.

Q: Astonishing, so is your family involved with the church choir?

A: Yeah, we are all involved in the church choir.

Q: Wow I see. So, is your family supportive of your pursuit of a secular career in music?

A: Hmmm, partly supportive cause left to my parents they want me to go into gospel because that was where I started from but you know my main passion is doing good music generally for the world. But right now, I can just say they are watching and letting me be since they have tried talking me out of it but I am still doing it because it is so special to me it and I am hoping to get their full support much later in life.

Q: Amazing, so when did your career start professionally?

A: 2019.

Q: Okay, so where did you have your first professional gig?

A: At Bayologic Beatz studio.

Q: Where is that located?

A: Iyana school bus top along Lasu Isheri Road, Ojo, Lagos.

Q: Can you describe the experience of your first performance?

A: It was great people vibed to the song even with the fact they didn’t know it, that very day I felt the aura of a celebrity around me and that was the same day I made my decision that this is what I will keep doing.

Q: It’s nice to hear that you got such a level of support even though you were still new to the industry then. Is the music industry in Lagos state quite friendly to upcoming acts?

A: Yeah.

Q: Why do you think so?

A: The love and support shown to my career are all just because I am doing good music and giving them what they want to hear. So, it keeps coming, because I make all of them proud of me.

Q: Alright, so what kind of music do you do?

A: I am open to all genres of music but mainly am an Afro-pop artist.

Q: Cool, so can you describe your journey so far in the industry?

A: It has not really been easy pushing through and sustaining the passion but with God, in it, I have been surviving and enjoying the whole celebrity lifestyle.

Q: Wow I see. So, what projects have you released over the course of your time in the industry?

A: I have released a couple of songs from the first titled; ‘For me, ‘Use your head’, ‘Only you, ‘Call on me’ and then ‘Waterfall’ which is the current trending song that I just recently released.

Q: Really, where is waterfall trending and have you dropped an album or EP?

A: Waterfall is out and trending on all digital platforms you can reach. As for an Ep that is my next project coming and it’s tagged “Keyz To The City” which waterfall is also part of.

Q: Okay I see. So, can you give some insights on your upcoming EP?

A: All I can just say is expect more EZYKEYZ because it is just all about the new me and new sound.

Q: Alright. So, what are the challenges you face as an emerging act and what can be done to make things better in the industry?

A: As an upcoming act there are lots of challenges which has made a lot of people give up but the major one, are funds to push oneself. Music is a very expensive business, supports can do a little of the job but having enough funds to push yourself completes it. This is the biggest problem; we talented upcoming acts face out there. Financing myself has been my major challenge and what I think would make things easier and better in the industry for we upcoming acts is for the government or society to create more platforms in the industry whereby people support people like me to achieve their dreams. Also, we upcoming acts should learn to support each other and stay connected cause that is the only way we all can meet at the top.

Q: Wow, thanks for that insight. So, let’s get personal. Are you in a relationship with anyone now?

A: No not at all.

Q: Really?

A: Yeah.

Q: Okay if you say so. So, what advice do you have for other upcoming acts?

A: Keep doing what you are doing, fear God, don’t expect too much, your time to be heard as the next big thing will definitely come and keep supporting your boy Ezykeyz.

Q: Thank you so much for your time and all the best in your endeavours.

A: Thanks for having me too.

Q: Alright take care.
A: You too.


Solomon Obi
Solomon Obi
Solomon Obi is a writer and content creator. He loves sharing his innate thoughts on Nigerian pop culture. His hobbies include reading and movies. We all are on a voyage of discovery to unearth the never-ending infinite of knowledge.

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