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Adekunle Gold Perfect Transitioning To AG Baby

In the last years, Nigeria has seen many amazing artistes with talents become a star and also stolen the hearts of Nigerians and the globe at large, and Adekunle Gold, is a very good example of such artiste.

Adekunle Kosoko popularly known as “Adekunle Gold or AG Baby” is a very great artiste who made his name known in a song titled “SADE” which he released in 2014.

He was signed into the YBNL Record Label and he started his music with an highlife genre and mixed it with a fujlike tune. His first single “Sade” was loved by Nigerians and it became a hit song as it became one of the popular songs on People’s lips back then when it was released.

When the song was released, people were amazed as the lyrics was so funny and the lines he used in the song became popular lines for people who were in love back then and also people looking for love. He also came along with a fashion identity back then as he used Kampala (ADIRE) tees and trousers as his “brand image”. This fashion trend became popular among Nigerians back then especially the youths.

He then released another song titled “Orente” which became an hit as the song was well accepted by different people in the country back then too and he went on to become People’s favorite back then. He released “Pick up”, “Ready”, “No Forget” which he featured Simi, and “Friend Zone”. He also released his debut album in 2016 which he titled “Gold”.

Following his departure from YBNL in 2016, he signed a deal with Empire Music for his music distribution. He then began his second studio album which he titled “About 30” which signifies his new sound and genre “Afrobeats”.


On a mission to let people hear his music and also in preparation of his “About 30” album, he released a music titled “Money” and it was widely accepted by people. The song was like a bridge between Adekunle Gold’s debut album “Gold” and the “About 30” album He released “Ire” which became a powerhouse for his music career and he also released “Call on Me” and “Surrender”.

“About 30”, his second album was a 16-track album and it was released on May, 2018. Following huge successes from his albums “Gold” and “About 30”, the “AG baby” era began and there was a complete change in the sound of his music and also his appearance. In 2019, Adekunle Gold released a song titled “Kelegbe Megbe” and it sounded completely different from his usual highlife style and genre of music. He started his transition from an Highlife artiste to an Afro Pop artiste as “Kelegbe Megbe” was a starting point to the journey. After “Kelegbe Megbe” he then released another Afropop song titled “Young Love” and the style of music has started becoming more acceptable to his fans and they now understand him more and better.

The Adekunle Gold who was very with Adire fashion style, Afro hairstyle, with beads started using gold chain necklace, braided hair, very sophisticated appearance and rings on his fingers. With the great success made from his first 2 albums, his new style became well acceptable among fans and later, he started a personalized news letter where he sends mail to people and his followers.

In late 2019 to early 2020, he announced that he was processing the release of his third studio album titled “Afro Pop Vol. 1”.  Adekunle Gold went ahead to release tracks like “AG Baby” and “Something different” before the release of the album in 2020. “AG Baby”, the self titled track became the new era of Adekunle Gold as people now prefer to refer him to as AG BABY. “Afro Pop Vol.1” is  a 10-track album releases in August, 2020 and it was received with happiness by his die hard fans and even everyone at large and he gained more respect amongst other artistes.

Adekunle Gold announced he would be releasing his fourth album titled “Catch Me If You Can” last year and it is a 14-track album with enough energy and amazing music that brought Adekunle Gold to a very great limelight but locally and internationally. Songs like “It is what it is”, “Sinner”, “High” featuring atheist DMW boss, “Davido” and “Mercy” were released in preparation of the “Catch Me If You Can” album.“High” became a song that was well received as it became an anthem in the mouth of Nigerians, Africans and even the global space.

“Catch Me If You Can” album is more of a statement that  Adekunle Gold is here and everyone should stand up on their feets and be ready to expect another amazing side of the singer. The album featured several great artistes both local and international ones like Ty Dollar Sign, Stefflon Don, Davido, Lucky Daye, Foushee and Fatouma Diawara.

Adekunle Gold’s transition is a mystery in Nigerian music industry and it needs to be well studied. In the next few years, I see him become one of the best Afrobeats artiste to ever come on the world’s stage. A Grammy nomination or a win might also be coming soon, we never can tell.

Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa is a graduate of Human Anatomy. He is a writer, poet and a content creator.

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