The biggest reality show in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija just ended with Hazel Oyeye Onou, aka Whitemoney emerging as this season's winner with a grand prize of ₦90 million.

The franchise Big Brother is an American television reality competition show based on the original Dutch reality show of the same name created by producer John de Mol in 1997. The series takes its name from the character in George Orwell's 1949 novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

Big Brother Naija, formerly known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a Nigerian reality competition television series, based on the Big Brother television franchise, in which, contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize and other material prizes, at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted from the house by viewers who vote for their favourite housemates to remain in the show. The first season of the show first aired on M-Net and DStv Channel 37 from 5 March to 4 June 2006.

As we celebrate and venerate the latest celebrities from this daring reality tv show, it is important to analyse what this means for the Nigerian entertainment industry and how the show has brought many to the limelight most notably Laycon, the Super Star on the rise thanks to his fans who brand themselves as 'ICONS', outstanding projects like 'Shall We Begin', I AM LAYCON soundtrack for his self titled reality show and his unwithering zeal.

There is a need to explicate the mistakes most reality stars make after emerging victorious in their respective shows. Nigeria has a great history of trailblazing reality shows that have become staples in the Nigerian media. Some of them include Project Fame West Africa, Star Quest, The Voice, MTN Yello Star, Nigerian Idol, Gulder Ultimate Search, Big Brother Naija and a host of others.

But they all have one thing in common, most winners or runners up of these shows find it difficult to break into the mainstream media and audience. So, in actuality, the real struggle to glory begins after the show, as the road to fame and fortune is not a work in the park.

The following are some of the mistakes reality stars make in their quest for mainstream prowess and they are;

- Relying on social media marketing: This is one big mistake many reality stars make after coming out of their respective shows, is that they think they are mainstream acts due to intensive social media marketing by the show organizers and fans alike. They get carried away by their visibility on social media, so they bank on it for the promotion of their crafts and other endeavours. Forgetting that they are yet to attain superstar celebrity status.

- The tendency to bank on trends: Jumping on trends can be a good thing for established acts, as it helps them to be relevant in all conversations in the entertainment industry. The same can not be said for rising acts, especially budding reality stars. You should know many will do the beat of jumping on trends and this in most cases leads to over-saturation of these trends. As an intending megastar, the cusp of your career is daring to be different, unique and stand out in all of your endeavours.

- Depending on the things their fans can do for them: Many reality stars garner a serious cult following and their fans can do anything just to please their faves. This may seem safe for reality stars, as they are guaranteed sources of revenues, engagements, community and so much more. But there is a need for them to expand their horizons, taste new waters and explore greater opportunities because you can't solely rely on your fans for your growth, you need more people and networks to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Finally, reality stars should evolve beyond the shows that brought them to the limelight. They should endeavour to make the conversation about them alone as much as possible without referring to the show. We, therefore, need to keep in mind that reality shows are sceptical in nature in Nigeria and the clime is not yet at its peak for enabling reality stars to transcend to real-life superstars.

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