A fan-powered streaming platform for independent music artists.

Naijatastic Streaming Royalties

➤ A user-centric (fan-powered royalties) system to support independent artists on Naijatastic.

➤ This means that artists earn streaming revenue from their original (non-copyright) music.

➤ Naijatastic pay artists based on listening habits. Artists benefit from their dedicated fans.


In the user-centric (a.k.a fan-powered) model, streaming revenue is earned by the artists that you've listened to, in proportion to the number of times you streamed them. This means that the more users and followers listen to music from a monetized artist on Naijatastic, the more that artist will earn.

This method allow monetized independent artists to earn fairly from fan base and overall listening time, rather than other methods where independent artists are competing against major artists and record labels who often earn the most streaming revenue.

To enable monetization on Naijatastic, you need to meet certain requirements. You must have: (1) at least 2 original (non-copyright) music tracks uploaded on your profile (2) a minimum of 20 followers.

If you meet the requirements for monetization, please apply via the Contact Us page.

Access Streaming Revenue (Explainer Video)

Monetization Features

Get Monetized

Make money from your music on Naijatastic. Share your music, build your community, and get paid directly.

User Experience

Explore and listen to music from independent artists. Get easy, preferential access when you keep in touch via private message.

Support Artists

In real-time, revenue is distributed to monetized independent artists with engagement and streaming activity.