The year 2021 has proven to be an exciting time for hype men in the Nigerian Music industry. It can perhaps be stated that the year 2021 is the biggest year for hype men in the mainstream Nigerian Music industry since the emergence of Slimcase who switched from the hype profession into the mainstream Nigerian music scene. 


Hypemen are majorly for increasing audience excitement through call and response techniques, hyping the artistes or performers during appearance or driving sales to an event by hyping and hailing certain influential persons present at the event. Hypemen especially as it relates to the Nigerian music industry are performers who assist singers, dancers or other performers on stage or at an event by hyping the audience with chants, adlibs or lyrics to get the crowd grooving. Just as the name implies, Hypemen hype the audience to make them hyper. 

They are mostly found in clubs, lounges, major events like concerts, shows and dinners etc. The Nigerian industry has witnessed the existence of high profile Hypemen such as Shody, Dotun of Cool FM, Jaybreeze, Special Spesh of DMW, A.O, Ehiz and Slimcase among others. Slimcase was however the first Hypeman to properly release a single and transition fully into the mainstream Nigerian music scene as an artiste. He had hit songs like Oshozondi, Shepeteri, Issa Banger, Bushman and other songs.

The year 2021 proves to be an exceedingly exciting year for Hypemen in the Nigerian Music industry. The first major break for Hypeman this year started with viral success of the single “Shedi balala“ by Hypeman Bobby Banks. The single with conspicuously vulgar lyrics slut-shaming the female gender surprisingly gained notoriety after several videos were posted by celebrities and ladies vibing to the song. The song birthed several twerk and dance videos on social media platforms especially Twitter, Tiktok and Instagram. The song has generated over 300 thousand downloads on streaming platform, Audiomack and has spawned many covers and dj mixes.

Another Hypeman with the stage name Tobyshang took over social media platforms and Tiktok with the slang and hype “who da fxxx are you“? The short hype which emanated from the DJKaywise Jor Oh Show goes thus “who da fxxx are you, you don’t know Kaywise. Who da fuxx are you, you don’t know Toby Shang“(repeats). The short track was number one on Tiktok trending at a point. Hypeman tobyshang is also renowned for “Shey e dey shake“ and "Palliative“ hype video and became Naira Marley official Hypeman same period. 

Pocolee is another renowned Hypeman that also trended with his hype slang for Wizkid in a lagos club. In the viral video, Poco Lee can be seen hailing Wizkid and singing “Comot Body Jor“. The “comot body jor” hype went viral afterwards and also trended on social media platforms, becoming a major track for utilization by dancers and tiktokers in 2021.

Perhaps the most popular new comer and Hypeman this year is the Delta based Hypeman, Emmy Black that has formulated the trending slangs, “5 bottles of Hennessy vSop”, “Normally e be wife material“, “small yansh dey shake“, and many more. Emmy Black’s hype tracks have amassed over a million downloads on audiomack and have made their ways to various celebrities and dancers profile on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook .

As a result of this new found love for hype tracks and Hypemen, there has been a surge in demand for their presence at clubs and events. Hypemen are also making good money off the streaming of their songs on various platforms. A lot of music listeners and critics have even stated that Hypemen have achieved more success in mainstream music than even recording artistes this year. 

It can be stated that it is indeed a welcome development for Hypemen in the industry and we look forward to the healthy competition and how Hypemen maximize the new found formula to fame and success in the Nigerian music industry.

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