What is Naijatastic?

Naijatastic is a Nigerian entertainment hub! We are a digital audio platform created to showcase and explore Nigerian Music, DJ Mixes, Podcasts, Soundtracks, Radio Shows for listeners, artists, curators, and brands.


What are the benefits of joining Naijatastic?


  • Upload your Nigerian sounds and podcasts to the world. Naijatastic is FREE for artistes and fans!
  • Connect with Naijatastic, increase your audience, measure engagement and build your fanbase.
  • Get to know your popularity with advanced statistics and keep track of your growth.


  • Explore Nigerian music, discover new people, and engage with artists.
  • Share your favorite Nigerian music with your friends on social networks.
  • Create playlists and organize your music the way you like.


How do I upload my music or audio content to a particular category?

You can upload your music track to a particular category e.g Afrobeat, Gospel, RnB etc, by inputing the category name(s) in the tag section while uploading the track. If you have already uploaded your track, simple "edit" your submission and input the category name in the tag section. The music or audio content will appear in your tagged category on the Naijatastic platform.


How do I become a PRO User?

There are two ways to become a Naijatastic PRO member;

1. Being an established, talented Nigerian artiste with a large following and registering an account on the naijatastic platform to showcase your material.

2. Monthly or yearly subscription as a PRO user on the platform.


What is the difference between Ordinary users and PRO users?

Ordinary users get free upload space while as a PRO user, you don't only get free upload space, but also keep in touch with your audience with BASIC and ADVANCED statistics which includes count plays, likes & comments, knowing who's playing your tracks and in which country your tracks are the played. Also, having a green pro (star) badge added to your identity (name) on the Naijatastic platform will make you stand out.


Why can't I play some audio tracks on Naijatastic after hitting the play button?

The reason you cannot play some audio tracks is because the owner of the audio material decided to make it "private" and/or put the audio tracks for sale on Naijatastic. You can request to listen to the audio track by privately messaging the artiste to send you the track. If there is a "purchase icon" linked to the track, you can purchase, download and listen to the audio track by clicking the "purchase bucket icon" beneath it and this will direct you to affiliated sales page.


Why are uploaded audio content no longer available on the Naijatastic portal?

This is most likely due to copyright infringement. The platform automatically removes any file that infringes on the copyrights of any entity or files that are illegal and/or in violation of any laws.


How can I make my audio content to appear on the homepage "LATEST" section? 

All newly uploaded audio contents automatically appear in the latest section of the homepage.


Why are newly uploaded audio content not listed on the homepage "LATEST" section?

This is because you failed to attach a cover art to your track. Edit it appropriately by adding a cover art to your uploaded track, and your audio track will appear on the "latest" section of the homepage.


How can I make my audio content to appear on the homepage "POPULAR" section? 

This is determined by the Naijatastic platform algorithm. Site administrators don't have control on the tracks that appears on the popular section on homepage. It is however suggested that you should try to share your content and increase the number of listens/downloads of your audio content on Naijatastic to increase your chances of appearing on the homepage popular section.


This page will be updated periodically. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please email: [email protected]