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What is Naijatastic?

Naijatastic is a digital audio platform created to showcase and explore Music, DJ Mixes, Podcasts, Soundtracks, Radio Shows for listeners, African independent artists, and curators. We offer musicians, music creators/producers, songwriters, music composers and everyone else the opportunity to host their music online.


What are the benefits of joining Naijatastic?


  • Upload your audio tracks to the world and benefit from stream monetization on Naijatastic. Also, you don't have to be of African heritage or live in Africa, we are proud to see artists around the world creating Afro-centric music and adding to the culture.
  • Connect with Naijatastic, increase your audience, measure engagement and build your fanbase.
  • Get to know your popularity with advanced statistics and keep track of your growth.
  • Climb the popularity and playlist charts and have your work discovered worldwide.
  • Pro Artists can distribute music to other digital streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.


  • Explore Afro music from popular and emerging artists.
  • Make new connections, engage with artists, and stream ad free music.
  • Share your favorite Afro vibes with your friends on social networks.
  • Create playlists and organize your music the way you like.


How can I make my music content to appear on the homepage? 

Artists, podcasters, DJs, producers or record labels with authentic, non-copyrighted track(s) uploaded can have their content listed on the homepage of the Naijatastic platform. This is by having a high engagement rate on your track through plays, likes, comments, etc., which influences your track to appear on the Trending/Popular Charts and subsequently on the Naijatastic homepage for more exposure. Also, the algorithm can "randomly" select some tracks to appear on the Naijatastic homepage. Finally, one of our Playlist Managers can add your track to one of the homepage "Top Playlists".


What Is The Requirement For Stream Monetization?

To qualify for monetization, an artist should have (1) at least 2 original music tracks uploaded on their profile (2) a minimum of 20 followers.


How Can I Submit My Application For Monetization?

Application for monetization should be submitted via the Contact Us page.


How do I upload my music or audio content to a category on Naijatastic?

You can upload your music track to a particular category e.g Afrobeat, Gospel, RnB etc, by selecting the category name while uploading the track. The music or audio content will appear in your selected category on the Naijatastic platform.


How do I upload my album or organize tracks into an album on Naijatastic?

You can upload your album or music tracks into an album, by simply creating a playlist with the album’s name and adding all the tracks from that album into that playlist.


Why isn’t Naijatastic 100% free? I want a free platform.

All companies have to find some way to stay in business, so if a product is completely free then often that means your private data is being sold and shared with advertisers and investors. On the other hand if you have plans for a more serious music career, that’s where Naijatastic really shines. You maintain your profile, music content and have security that the platform you rely on isn’t going to disappear.


Can I distribute my music on Apple, Spotify, Amazon? 

Yes. You can distribute your music to major DSPs like Spotify, Apple Music, etc, through Naijatastic Distribution by upgrading to the Pro Plan. CLICK HERE to learn more about Naijatastic Distribution.


What is the difference between Standard (Free) users and PRO (Paid) users?

Standard users get free limited upload space while PRO users don't only get free upload space, but get a higher upload space for music/audio content, can see BASIC and ADVANCED statistics which includes count plays, know who's playing the tracks and in which locations the tracks are the most played, monetize original music uploaded on the Naijatastic platform, have an opportunity to be added on the Naijatastic homepage playlists, distribute music to major Digital Streaming Platforms (DSPs) such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc. As a pro member, a green pro badge will also be added to your identity (name) on the Naijatastic platform to make you stand out.


How do I become a PRO User?

Become a PRO User by upgrading your account from Standard (Free) Membership to the Pro Plan through the monthly or annual payment plans.


How do I become a VERIFIED User?

Profile verification is for well-known creators on the Naijatastic platform who are most at risk of impersonation, or are emerging as notable and highly searched for. The Verified Badge means that Naijatastic has confirmed that this account is the authentic Naijatastic account of the person of interest, public figure, artist or celebrity it represents. To apply for a verification (blue tick) badge, go to SETTINGS --> VERIFICATION from your account.


Can I Upload Audio Content After Exceeding My Free Upload Limit?

Absolutely! If you run out of upload space for your tracks on your standard (free) plan, you can delete the old tracks, which will create more space for you to upload new tracks. You can do this as often as you like.


Why can't I play some audio tracks on Naijatastic after hitting the play button?

The reason you cannot play some audio tracks is because the track was not uploaded correctly, due to bad internet connection. Another reason is because the track was uploaded in an unacceptable file format. Acceptable audio file format on Naijatastic platform is the .mp3 extension.


Why are uploaded audio content no longer available on Naijatastic?

This can be due to 2 reasons. 1. The track is not playing on the platform and have been removed. If it has been badly created or produced. You have to ensure your music is produced well, mixed professionally, and mastered to industry standards. or 2. This is due to copyright infringement. Files that infringes on the copyrights of any entity or files that are illegal and/or in violation of any laws are removed from the platform. Most times, track uploaded by independent artist is taken down because it is not playing on the platform. Please make sure your track plays on Naijatastic after uploading it, to avoid removal.


How do I report a music for Copyright Infringement (DMCA)?

Naijatastic respects the rights of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to ensure that infringing material is removed from our service.

We monitor all files uploaded on our platform to make sure that copyrighted material is not uploaded. In cases where you feel a file infringes on your copyright or the copyright of someone you represent, we encourage you to use this page to notify us.

Naijatastic will respond to “any and all take-down requests” that comply with the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), and other applicable intellectual property laws.

If you believe that a file available on Naijatastic.com infringes on your copyright then please use the "Report" link found at the bottom of the particular content or contact us through the email below to submit a request with a link to the infringing material(s) on Naijatastic.

Email: [email protected]


My track was taken down for copyright infringement

Naijatastic responds promptly to copyright infringement and DMCA take down requests. However, if your music didn't violate DMCA policy and was wrongfully removed, please send us an Email: [email protected]


This page will be updated periodically. If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message via the Contact Us page.