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Wizkid Did More Than N10 Million For Me – Boy Finally Reveals

Ahmed, the little child to whom Wizkid offered a record deal and an amount of N10 million five years ago, has finally confessed.
Regardless of the fact that he was not given N10 million in cash, the young man is said to have revealed that the artist lavished him with extra money. Ahmed also mentioned that he was younger and more innocent at the time, but that he now understands what is right and wrong.
Wizkid is already in the news for days when Ahmed, a young boy whom Wizkid promised to help years ago, claims the rapper failed to fulfill his promise.
The young man has since retracted his statements, posting a detailed account of what happened on social media.

He Did More Than 10 Million Naira


Ahmed revealed that he was not handed the large quantity of money in cash, but that the artist helped him in ways that were greater than the N10 million.
He went on to say that he didn’t have a record deal with Wizkid, which is why he went back to the streets. According to the young man, he was observed in two different locations of Lagos because the rent for the accommodation Wizkid paid for had expired.
Ahmed also mentioned celebs in the post, pleading with them to assist him in reaching out to Wizkid now that he realizes his errors. He also stated that he was young and naive at the time, but that he has matured and is now able to discriminate between his rights and wrongs.
He stated:
“I’m conscious of my mistakes and am ready to make amends. When I was younger, I had no sense, but now that I am older, I understand what is right between bad things. Please, please, please, please”.

I’m Scared, If Anything Happens To Me


Ahmed, the young child who appealed to Nigerians to assist him in begging Wizkid to keep his pledge, has gotten a lot of attention.
The young youngster has since created his own Instagram account and has been replying to other people’s posts about him. Ahmed recently sent a remark about being worried, but he didn’t elaborate on why he was afraid.
He went on to explain that Nigerians should ‘hold them tight’ if something happens to him, and that his comments have now changed.
His posts, as expected, sparked a social media frenzy among Nigerians.
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