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Ruger’s Second Wave Album Review

It is safe to say today that Ruger did not intend to provide his fans with a lengthy listening experience because the total track length is only 14 and a half minutes. His 2020 Pandemic EP, which was followed by The Second Wave EP, received praise for its Bounce single and was generally well-received.

Ruger is back with a 4-track extended play project one year later. The Second Wave EP sounds and looks very much like its predecessor, Pandemic, with Ruger continuing to sing in his distinctive melodic patois style. The EP’s songs were all sound-produced by talented Nigerian producer/songwriter Kukbeatz, just like the prequel.

The project’s opening song, Champion, has an eerie and ethereal atmosphere that sets the tone for the rest of the song. accompanied by an additional layer of mid-tempo percussion that features solid kicks and pointed snares. Lyrically, Ruger sings about his current fame while also thinking back to the time when he was just a regular kid hanging out on the streets of Lagos.

The EP also demonstrates how clearly his team, led by D’Prince, is now thinking. If the tantalizing sexual innuendos made “Bounce” a popular song for sex playlists, they have only served to solidify his claim to the title “The King of Sex” in the future. Additionally, there are numerous ways to discuss the subject of sex, which means it never gets old.

On “Pandemic,” his skillful use of his vocals and songwriting stood out, but he has since taken things a step further. On each of the four records from “The Second Wave,” his knack for finding hidden money is the main attraction.

With the exception of a small amount of percussive intensity, the sound design on the EP’s second track, “Useless,” is almost a continuation of the first track. Ruger’s quick verses and the brisk instrumentation reveal a dance-hall influence, demonstrating the crooner’s varied musical tastes. Ruger spoke about being rendered useless by his love for his wife, but that didn’t detract from the overall effect.

Any two people can easily enjoy the R&B love song “Snapchat” during a sexual encounter. The lyrics were impressive, and Ruger’s vocal delivery was sweet and direct. Except for some bouncy percussion and low-fi chords, the instrumentation wasn’t particularly active. The song “Dior” is the Second Wave EP’s final track and its centerpiece. Electric guitars begin the song, and they continue to jangle throughout the entire song in the distance. The song features a mid-tempo beat and a memorable Ruger hook, “badman looking good in Dior.”

It’s especially impressive for listeners who want to have a good time. The second Wave EP is a strong body of work.

What “Pandemic” wasn’t, “The Second Wave” is: a proper extended play for a proper artist. Although unnecessary, this deluxe is actually quite good. Because it’s just a repetition of what he’s already done. No harm there, I suppose.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa is a graduate of Human Anatomy. He is a writer, poet and a content creator.

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