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New Naijatastic Feature Allow Independent Artists To Add YouTube Links To Music Uploads

We have been working very hard at Naijatastic HQ to keep the platform solid, and bring you awesome features that will enhance your exposure as a creator and artist.

This week, we launched a feature which allows you as an artist or creator to add the YouTube link to your uploaded track on Naijatastic. We understand that sometimes watching the video to a particular song can make it go viral. We also appreciate the level of hardwork that artists put into making videos for their music, as well as the ability to earn on their YouTube channels. These were some of the reasons why we decided to take it upon ourselves to implement this feature.

Now, when you upload your music on Naijatastic, you have the option to add the track’s YouTube link (if available). This feature is available to both Free and Pro Members who are artists on the platform (i.e., basically all creators / artists). This feature allow visitors, members, artists and music lovers on Naijatastic to view the music video added for the uploaded track and generate popularity for the artist.

A screenshot showing how to add YouTube link to your track’s music video on Naijatastic.

If you have already uploaded your music track on Naijatastic in the past and you later made a music video for it, you can easily “EDIT” the track from your profile, and add a Youtube link to it. This will be displayed as a YouTube icon below the track. This feature is available on both PC / laptop and mobile devices.

A screenshot showing the YouTube video icon for this uploaded track on Naijatastic.

We have more great news and updates coming for STREAM MONETIZATION on Naijatastic. Thank you for staying with us over the years and using the NAIJATASTIC platform for sharing your music to your fans.

Afro Futuristic
Afro Futuristic
Virtually every writer I know would rather be a musician. There is music out there that gives relief for whatever feeling or emotion you experience. Always here for the good vibes in written form.

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