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MI Abaga “The Guy” Album Review

MI became known in 2009 as the Rap Messiah who will bring back Nigerian hip hop. She rose to fame in 2010, with her talent not only redefining hip-hop but also elevating Nigerian music to a global level. He transitioned from being a legendary record label executive who oversaw the ascent and success of numerous artists to becoming The Chairman in 2014.

He used a playlist in 2018 to show off aspects of his talent that he had previously been reluctant to reveal. He swiftly went on to another project that described his inner problems and his position in a fast changing environment, like a man who permitted a fleeting moment of weakness.

Development of MI Abaga Your next stop has been reached. MI has opted to highlight the person behind the celebrity whose ability has changed the African hip hop landscape for more than ten years with his most recent album, “The type.”

It brings together Afrobeats artists from various eras as it lets off steam while exploring the themes of love, gratitude, masculinity, and mental health. And in between all of this, he finds time to relax with lighthearted themes and soothing music.

On the song of the same name, MI Abaga promoted himself as “The type,” emphasizing his versatility as a guy. As he advances into the next phase of his famous career, he performs some incredible improvisations by Vector and LadipoeY, both of whom have had a significant impact on the development of Hip Hop and Afrobeats.

When it came to venting, MI had some advice for his critics on “Hatred.” He makes a dig at a protégé or former partner by saying, “I boosted the rap game for niggas like you.” No one is aware of which artist or individuals MI has a thing for because she has a history of problems with prior partners. It is addressed to “Hatred.” In “Oil” With BNXN, he discusses the struggles that come with achievement as well as the heavenly support and exceptional talent that have helped him to maintain his position at the top. He complains, “Last year I was deceived by several of my lads,” before thanking his loved ones for helping him get over the crisis.

“I’ve been a legend since I was like 30” As he celebrates his achievement and position in the game, MI says. The fact that he chose to feature both a Hip Hop GOAT NAS and an Afrobeats GOAT named Olamide on the Afrobeats single under the designated moniker “Larger” speaks something about his standing. The combination of NAS’s verse and Olamide’s hook results in an unexpected Afrobeats hit made by Hip Hop legends.

Making love songs has always been simple for ME, and there is a twist on their new album. The identity of the person hiding behind the topic gives the work of art context and appreciation. Walls Coal sings, “Now I feel like I’m the one,” in “The Love Song.” In a song sonic boosted by Wande Coal’s characteristic harmony, he exclaims, “That’s the girl, she’s the one.

Similar to this, in “The Front Door,” IM veteran mighty duncan delivers while jokingly praising his future wife. In “Inside,” a love-stunted MI displays her continuing versatility on a Highlife tune with the help of Phyno and the exceptionally gifted cavemen, delivering another performance of love for her consistently encouraging fans.

MI made time to talk about the challenges of contemporary love in light of its toxicity’s rising allure. She is now 40 years old and has had enough sexual and personal connections, as well as personal disputes, to have enough life experiences to comment on the terrible reality of toxicity that permeates every aspect of contemporary society. Why is toxic love so delectable… Isn’t it absurd how we behave with one another? The worry of being lost in a society where the rules of common sense are vulnerable to increased examination from a mass mentality unconcerned with logic or reason is poignantly echoed in MI Reflects on “Crazy” Weather by Grace Ossi.

In MI, the relationship between society’s mental and emotional neglect of men and how it contributes to an unsafe world is made. While urging young guys to find a way to express their excitement, MI talks about toxic masculinity and the belief that boys shouldn’t weep. He continued by recounting the sexual assaults that her companions had endured, which led him to the conclusion that “We should all be feminists,” echoing the words of the renowned author Graveyard Adichie.

MI found the time to create basic music that resonates with its young listeners, particularly Gen Z consumers who are enthralled by quotes presented in straightforward and uncomplicated patterns. “Smooth as Tony” serves as a reminder of how money may make life simpler. Mr. Wine paid homage to the Nigerian business magnate Tony Elumelu with a brief, catchy chorus and mellow verse that prepared the ground for MI to deliver her verse and produce a hit that combines rapping with the creative freedom associated with Alte. The “Potato” achievement is similar. Chillz, MI looks into what might still be a part of his playboy persona. Even the ENSARS statement, “Stop faking, say no, I know yes, I’m like the military,” was humorously included into the dance.

In “The type,” MI assembles Afrobeats artists from various eras to discuss love, appreciation, masculinity, and mental health while releasing steam. And in between all of this, she finds time to relax with lighthearted themes and soothing music.

Despite his tremendous excellence, MI has managed to keep his production abilities out of the spotlight, which is only one of his numerous talents. With the release of “The type,” on which he co-produced six songs, including the lead single “Larger,” this might have altered.

Concerning the negative aspects, I can’t help but think that MI had a weakness that stopped him from accurately addressing his broken friendships and betrayals. He will likely drop names, make innuendos, and direct subliminals towards interested parties because he is an established rapper.

Additionally, it’s not really apparent what you hope to accomplish with this project. The substance and production of the record point to its commercial viability. According to MI’s position, she wants to create an album that separates the artist from the work of art. My opinion is that the project’s producer, MY, stands out the most, and I suppose it’s about time.

Overall, MI is one of those Nigerian musicians who can never produce a subpar album, and “The type” is just another wonderful creation from the icon. Where in his catalog is it located? It may be too soon to say, but I’ll need to be quite generous if I want to be in the top five.

Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa is a graduate of Human Anatomy. He is a writer, poet and a content creator.

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