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BBNaija Star JMK Marks Birthday In An Amazing Way

Big Brother Naija reality show star Jumoke Adedoyin who is generally known as JMK recently celebrated her birthday with some stunning pictures shared on social media.
The 2021 BBNaija star JMK is popularly known for her confident and daring sense of dressing, certainly this did not hold back on her birthday. However, she didn’t have a glamorous photoshoot in honor of her birthday, but she shared some new photos which stood out among the very best.
According to the photo, JMK is seen wearing a corset bodice dress with a long opening to the thigh, she boosted the look with a strappy heeled scandal. With her hair packed to the back and make-up beautiful and smart as usual. Her organza sleeved corset, top paired with the high waist ripped denim pants was the perfect style to bring out her shape in an astonishing way.
Unlike others, JMK had a low-key birthday and in a very recent post, she stated why she refused to throw a party.
She said:
”the best birthday isn’t the one celebrated with a major party and I chose not to throw a party (despite the pressure from all angles to have one) because this year has been filled with a lot of high and low, all I wanted to do is it thank God for my life and for His blessings thus far”.
She further said:
”I had the worst experience of my life, November 16th. I could have died from the fire outbreak because the AC that caught fire was right above my head, when the fire started I was sleeping. I’m still here in healthiness, no scratches, simply material losses (which I’m convalescent gradually)”.
”My tears now stem from a place of gratitude, The highs, The lies, The blessings, The lessons, The setbacks, The comebacks, The hate, The love, Everything”.
”Special appreciation to everyone who took their time to wish me a cheerful birthday, it was a truly wonderful day, perfect in so many ways big or little. I also want to mention thanks to the rare individuals (family and friends) in my life who have listened without judgment, spoken without prejudice, helped me without entitlement, understood without pretense, and loved me without conditions. I love you guys so much”
The fire incident that occurred recently which razed down her apartments and belongings really made her mentally traumatized and tired. She took to her Instagram story that she’s back online due to her short break off social media as a result of the tragic event.
Her air conditioner caught fire on the 16th of November 2021 around 4 a.m and she said before a firefighter was able to get to her house most of her belongings were burnt, even her certificate.
She sincerely thanked God, and she’s ready to pick up the pieces, rebuild and come back stronger. And she also thanked everyone who was able to reach out to her.
She advises her fans, saying, “live your life to the fullest, do so no matter what causes you to be happy, wear that fine garments  you’ve been keeping, go out, eat that sensible food you’ve been craving, be kind to yourself and to individual, forgive yourself, take time to feel your soul, compliment yourself, pamper yourself, think positive thoughts and speak life.
JMK made her very first post after she lost her personal belongings due to the fire outbreak at home In November.
She also launched her restaurants as she clocked her new age. She took to her Instagram handle that her restaurants will be launched officially very soon.
Not only that, but she also stated that the venture was her best birthday wish.
Furthermore, she said:
“it pleases me to say that my birthday wish came through. I am giving myself the fruit of hard work and genius value”. – ”Behind the scenes, it’s been tears, pain, and pure stress but today all I see is joy, growth, and love”.
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola Adewumi
Adesola is a purpose-driven man, critical thinker, problem solver, inner peace seeker, nature addict, writer, and a good listener. As a content writer, he has written several published and unpublished articles, as well as life-changing masterpieces on various social media platforms and websites. Adesola as an ardent knowledge seeker seeks to maximize various opportunities to grow, develop, and become productive in his world.

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