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A Naijatastic Interview With Ezykeyz

Nigerians are not idle people. Nigerian youths are hardworking and resilient. 

I was quite disturbed to read that President Muhammadu Buhari had called the young of Nigeria “lazy.” Because there are young people out there who give their all in any circumstance. They are hardy and persistent. They can endure any kind of weather. Nigerian adolescents are doing everything they can to survive despite the country’s unfavorable situation. They work hard every day.

In addition, Nigerians have a reputation for switching between roles. Any craft may be studied, picked up, and mastered. You’ll be shocked by what they do if you only give them the chance. Nigerians constantly work hard to improve themselves. 

A excellent example of a young Nigerian person trying their all to succeed in the entertainment industry is Ezykeyz. The up-and-coming artiste from Lagos recounted his background and the events that led to his current career. 

Here are some quotes from the interview with the gifted artist:

Can we meet you? Tell us about you? Your name and all.

My names are Oluwajuwonlo Kayode Ezekiel popularly known as Ezykeyz.

Nice meeting you Ezy. When did you start music as a career?

Yeah I started music as a career about 4 years ago.

Interesting. How did you get the name Ezykeyz?

Well, the name Ezykeyz was coined from my name — the ezy was from Ezekiel and then Keyz just came from the fact that I play the piano. 

Amazing. What would you call your type of music?

I wouldn’t say I have a type of music yet because I just do good music generally. That is, I’m not a rigid type artist to one kind of music or style I can actually fit in any kinda music or style, so I would just say I do good music. 

Wow that’s great. How has the journey been for you?

Really it has not been easy coming this far and I’m sure all upcoming act like me can relate to the struggle of making people believe in you and also support you. The process is really not easy and it is not a day job. Regardless, everything about the journey is worth it.

What drew you to the music industry?

I have always loved music from when I was young and again, I’m from a family that loves music which made me adore music more. I started singing and writing songs since when I was 8 but music became a career for me 4 years ago until now.

Who are you inspired by?

Well I would just say I’m inspired by every one that does and listen to good music. 

That’s sounds great and smart. Any artiste you look up to in the Nigerian music industry?

Davido, Chike, Jonny Drille, Wizkid, Ayra Starr, Tiwa Savage, Burna Boy.

Wow. Davido, Wizkid and Burna despite the hatred their fans have caused for them?

I have no hatred for them at all cause they all give good music in their own way and style which is beautiful to have them as idols and icons.

How do you make sure you have time to create music? Do you have a set time or build it into your calendar?

Well I don’t schedule anything but all I just do is work with my mood. I write my songs by the space and inspiration I am in at the time.

What’s your relationship status?

I’m very much single.

Any plans for an album yet?

Yeah, well the plans for the latest album is just to continue to promote it. 

Have you released a video of one of your songs so far?

Sure, there is a viral video for “waterfall” already and also still planning to have an official video for it as well. 

Any songs released yet? 

My first released was titled “For Me”. After that, I released “Only You”. Next one is “Use Your Head”. Thereafter was “Call On Me”.

Lastly my current project “Far From Home” which is my album has a couple of tracks on it.

Any challenges faced recording these songs?

The only challenge recording them was lack of funds to pay for my recording sessions on time.

Was there any point you felt discouraged doing music?

Yeah a lot of times. I have always been discouraged. Imagine doing something and your own family don’t believe in you at first. It’s crazy and that alone should stopped me from continuing, but I’m still here and still in it, because I have been positive about everything.

What can you say about your audience? Have they been supportive?

Well, my little audience has been very supportive in their own ways and I cherish them a lot, but still craving for more support and audience globally because that’s the goal. 

What advice will you give to the young ones coming up in the music industry?

Just be yourself, think big at all times, fear God, stay positive and don’t be scared of failure. 

What’s next for Ezykeyz?

Well, a whole lot is ahead of Ezykeyz, and I’m going for it hard, so y’all should just expect more and more because a lot goes with the name Ezykeyz. 

Listen To Ezykeyz EP Album:

Watch Viral Video Of “Waterfall” From Ezykeyz Latest EP Album:

Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa Orija
Ireoluwa is a graduate of Human Anatomy. He is a writer, poet and a content creator.

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